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We understand exactly what a potential buyer needs in order to become a successful photo booth business. We have the experience, winning solutions, expert advice, and strategy that will see you experience fast growth.



Portable and compact it can fit into a standard car eliminating the need to purchase an expensive van or trailer. Setup takes less than 15 minutes and only one person (male or female) is required for assembly. Stairs are never an issue with our booths.


Our booths are designed with style, quality, portability, and functionality in mind.  We use a Canon DSLR camera, touch screen, strobe lighting, professional dye-sublimation printer ensuring studio quality and speedy photo prints.


User-friendly and feature-packed software allows you to offer photo booth, video booth, green screen, emails, SMS, QR codes, social media integration, customisable graphics/logo with a built-in template editor (no need for Photoshop). Keep it simple, or offer all the features, easy setup, and easy to use!

Types of booths available


The Classic Booth – Features

‘The Classic’, a modern yet traditional enclosed photobooth. It has the same nostalgia as the old-school photobooths, but fitted with modern digital technology. It has the versatility to setup as a traditional enclosed style photobooth, as well the ability to setup as an open style photobooth.

It packs down conveniently to fit into most 5 door vehicles (hatch backs, 4wd, station wagons)

Pricing Option 1 
(Complete setup):
$AUD 10,900 + GST

Pricing Option 2 
$AUD 6,750 + GST

DIY Option – we include the touchscreen and lighting, just add your own PC, printer, camera and your choice of software.

Tower Booth

The Tower Booth – Features

Smaller in size, all-in-one open style photobooth with an 18″ touchscreen and a beautiful strobe/beauty dish for amazing quality photos. Share socially direct from the booth, or connect your iPad to the side enclosure and alleviate the line to use the booth. Printer is housed inside.

By adding an additional front panel, this unit can also be used as an Instagram/Hashtag printer. It packs down conveniently to fit into most 5 door vehicles (hatch backs, 4wd, station wagons, some sedans)

Pricing Option 1 
(Complete setup):
$AUD 8,950 + GST

Pricing Option 2 
$AUD 5,650 + GST

DIY Option – We include the touchscreen, just add your own PC, camera, printer, strobe and your choice of software.

GIF Booth

The GIF Booth – Features

Ipad based photobooth with the easiest and quickest setup, it can capture branded photos, or GIFs, and drive social media engagement at events. Ability to add a professional printer and you have an instant photobooth setup with prints. An attractive ring light to ensure great photos in low light conditions. Perfect for events, and a growing popularity for photo marketing solutions at venues. Cloud based system, means you can setup your events from one location, and operate anywhere. Dual powered, ability to be completely battery operated.

Please be advised we are no longer producing this booth.

The above pricing excludes the iPad, lighting batteries and does not include software, however we can recommend software and offer discounted pricing for annual subscription.  Let us know your iPad model and screen size.


The Socialight Booth – Features

A portable and compact open photobooth design with an attractive ring light, this photo booth concept is an all in one solution, with the printer housed inside the unit. Additional features can include a camera tilt button to capture the tallest or the shortest guests. Flexible options also include a detachable social ipad kiosk which can be attached to the side to help speed up the lines, and gets people sharing onto social media. Portable and compact, and complete setup in less than 10 mins. Fits into most 5 door vehicles.

Pricing Option 1 
(Complete setup):
$AUD 10,550 + GST

Pricing Option 2 
$AUD 6,550 + GST

DIY Option – We include the touchscreen and lighting, just add your own PC, camera, printer and your choice of software.

Photo Pod

The Photo Pod – Features

Quick and easy to assemble, this portable photo booth can be transported in any car.  We provide a complete solution or a DIY option to purchase just the enclosure without the electronics. The DIY option is perfect for those that may already own most of the electronic devices.

Pricing Option 1 
(Essential setup):
$AUD 9,350 + GST

Pricing Option 2 
$AUD 5,850 + GST

DIY Option – we include the enclosure, stand, printer stand, just add your own Surface Pro or touchscreen/PC, printer, camera, lighting, cables and your choice of software.

Complete setup includes a small and lightweight photo printer from DNP, QW410 producing unique square prints.  Or upgrade to the DSRX1-HS printer.

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finance options

If you choose to fund your endeavour with cash, we require a 50% deposit to initialize the process, and 50% balance prior to the scheduled delivery date. We accept cash, bank transfers, and credit card (2% surcharge on credit card payment).

We’ve teamed up with ‘RentLite’ finance to make funding your new endeavor simple. Your business can enjoy the following benefits:

Click here for more information regarding the ‘RentLite’ finance option.

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Please note: Finance/rental option available in Australia only

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