We’re excited to announce that we’re going to the Photobooth Expo… in Las Vegas!

I was pretty ‘gutted’ that we missed the first photobooth expo in 2015, but extremely excited that we’re going to attend the expo this year. I know it sounds a little ‘geeky’ to be excited by this, however, it’s right up our alley and we love the industry that we’re in and it’s in Las Vegas!  It’s going to be awesome looking at all the booth designs, and watching the trends in the U.S. and all the new gadgets. Looking forward to meeting other photo booth crazed people from all over the world!
Reading the line up of guest speakers, it’s good to know that Australia is being represented by some great key speakers. The keynote speakers that I’m really looking forward to hearing is Jay L. Tan from Red Cheese Photobooth Rentals, who apparently claims that they started the digital photobooth craze in 1999. He’ll be providing an overview of the industry for the last 17 years, it’ll be pretty interesting to hear about the history and the experiences from the pioneer. Also looking forward to hearing Kim Gottschalk, CoFounder of ShutterBooth and Aventus Solutions – together they execute nearly 15,000 events annually. 15,000 events each year – that’s insane!
We’ll be posting lots of photos, and hopefully some video footage whilst at the expo, so keep an eye on this blog and follow up on Facebook.

For more information regarding the upcoming expo: