When we first entered the photo booth industry we purchased a photo booth that weighed over 100kg, although we were told it was quite portable, it didn’t quite meet our expectation for portability. We soon realised that we needed a trailer, and needed a special lift trolley, and we needed at least 2 people to transport and handle the booth for each event. Simply, more people to handle the booth equals less profits.   Thus began our quest… To design a totally portable photo booth, so portable and compact it can fit into a standard car eliminating the need to purchase an expensive van or trailer. So portable it can easily be handled, transported and setup by one person in a short amount of time. Most importantly, it must have the latest technology, produce quality photos and prints, and it must look good. We succeeded in our mission, and designed a booth that met all our expectations.

If you’re currently in the research phase and considering purchasing a photobooth, either as a new business venture or to grow your existing business, you should consider the following:

1.  How portable is the booth?

2. Does it require a trailer for transportation?

3. Is it an open style booth or enclosed, or does it have the flexibility to offer both?

4. Can it be transported in a car or does it require a van/truck?

5. If your business grows, how much space will it take in your storage area?

The above are just a few considerations to keep in mind when researching the right photobooth for your business.  There are plenty more considerations, and we’d be happy to chat about them to help you through your research phase.  Give us a call or drop us a line!